Books to Check Out

A few Simonds-oriented books have come out in the last year.  Check them out:

Graceland Cemetery: A Design History just came out which covers O.C. Simonds role in the landscape design of the cemetery.  Sadly I have never been to this cemetary (keep having it on my list when I visit Chicago), and have not read the book yet.

Graceland Cemetery: A Design History

Mountain by Sandy Hill is a great (and huge) coffee table photo book that just came out all about mountains and the history of mountain climbing. Sandy Hill is a famous climber who also barely escaped death on Everest in 1996 captured in the book Into Thin Air.  I was approached more than a year ago to include a photo in the book.  Great to see it finaly come out.

Mountain: Portraits of High Places

Low-Key Genius is a biography of the work of O.C. Simonds by Barbara Geiger which came out in May, 2011.

Low-Key Genius: The Life and Work of Landscape-Gardener O.C. Simonds