Zoey is getting bigger and bigger.  Nina and I think she is at the perfect size right now, but we know that she is only half way to her full size.  She is in puppy classes right now and her wicked intellect makes that easy for her and us – but at the same time she uses that big brain to also rebel and destroy whatever she wants.  But we are winning that battle slowly.  She has now learned to catch a frisbee which is great.  In the park the other day for a round of frisbee throwing with Dexter, she ran into a couple of cocker spaniels and we had never seen the hair on her back go up the way it did when she ran into those dogs.  They got along just fine after the first greeting.

I was going to post this on FB/Twit with the caption “I told Zoey to never trust a dog with the word ‘cock’ in its’ name” –  but I was too shy to do that.

Zoey’s own personal photo gallery is here:  http://andysimonds.smugmug.com/Portraits/Zoey/19891275_VcPW7V

And you can visit her Facebook page here (I know it’s completely nuts):  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Zoey/147404992026747