On the Golf Course

Dex and I are playing two rounds together this weekend as we are having a solo weekend – Nina is out of town.  Today, we were late getting to the Trilogy golf course in Redmond.  The main road to the course was closed and my navigation system re-routed us to a private road that ended up going nowhere.  So instead of a leisurly arrival of hitting a few balls on the range before our round, we ended up getting to the 1st tee as the 2-some we were paired with had finished hitting their drives.   Rushing to the t-box, Dexter went up the white tee’s and laced his driver right down the middle.  A few seconds later, from the blue tee’s I banged a 3 wood also right down the middle.  It was a nice moment went we arrived to our balls.  Our two balls were 1 foot apart sitting dead center in the middle of the fairway.  Like they had been placed there.  Our two playing partners were off in the rough, one way right, one way left – and when we re-joined on the green, one of them said “great shots!”.  We could tell they were thinking  “who are these guys?”   One of the many great father-son moments Dexter and I have had out on the course together.  We had a good time playing with those guys, good players themselves, appreciating each other’s good shots and sharing the pain of our bad ones.

This week I watch Dexter play in a golf tournament for the first time for his high school.  Another 1st.  A few photos from that day: http://andysimonds.smugmug.com/Sports/Dexter-Golf/Dex-Liberty-Golf-September/18921342_LsGdsF

Our weekend seems to be 50% golf and 50% experience the 10-year aniversary of 9/11.  Dexter is asking a lot of questions, we are watching several of the documentary’s (Dexter’s choice) and once again experiencing new sights and sounds of that day.  As I type this we are watching one of those documentary’s now and thought it was worthy of taking the time to post something about our day.


Great Ted Talk

I love Ted talks and this is a great one about being positive.  Reminds me a lot of how I try and look at the world, and what has allowed me to survive the last 3 years.