Stump Lake w/Milly

More than a month ago I took Milly up to Stump Lake.  My crazy/busy life has not allowed me to finish those photos until today.  The are posted here:



50th Annual Pier Cove Croquet Tournament

This year marked 50 years of the croquet tournament and Pier Cove.  I never made it past the 1st round, but Dex had an amazing 1st round victory with his partner Amanda Curtis.  A see-saw end to the match where Dex made the final great shot to win.  This photo is from the moment after he made the shot.  They went on to lose in the next match unfortunately.  On Thursday night a big picnic was held with singing, dancing and food.  Photos here.


Dex gets to meet the Sounders

I took Dexter to work today because three Sounders players were signing autographs at the company store.  We were surprised to find out that in fact that was not the whole story!  The entire team was practicing on the new Soccer field at our new campus mall!  Dex got to meet and get autographs from several players as they left the field.  Here he is with his favorite player Kasey Keller– the goaltender.   Great time.  More photos here.