We arrived at Zion with one more camping night before ending our trip w/two nights at a great B&B.  A real bed + hotub.  It was great because our night camping in the Zion canyon was not very restful as the winds blew a steady 30-40mph.  Big gusts rolling off the canyon walls, spilling into the canyon and rattling our tent all night.

After a short hike on the busy Emerald Pools trail (boring), our first real excursion was into the Zion Narrows at the end of the canyon.  I have no photos of that trip.  The message ‘No CF card’ showed on my camera when I first pushed the shutter about an hour into our hike.  I could have thrown my camera into the river.  Regardless we had a good adventure hiking up the Virgin river, at one point we had to put our packs over our head and wade through a deep pool up to our chests.  Refreshing!

The next morning I did a solo hike up an un-named canyon (although later I found that some people call the area ‘muddy pools’) on the east side of Zion.  It was a spectacular area full of amazing cross-bedded sandstone and little pools of water sculpted out of the rock.  A great photo every hundred feet – and I took a lot of shots.  Some our already printed and up on our wall.  Later in the afternoon we drove up to the west side of the park to the Kolab Plateau to experience some more high-country, but taking an easy hike (we were hiked-out at this point) to an area called Northgate peaks.  A great area of Zion and mostly deserted of people unlike the main canyon.

We finished off the trip with a real meal at a great restaurant in Springdale and then headed home the next morning.  We had a little time before the flight so on the way up I convinced Nina to take a little detour and find a fossil quarry that lets you hunt for trilobite fossils.  No luck, turns out the place you go to pay and the actual place where the quarry is were very far apart.  No time for that.

Zion photos are here:  http://andysimonds.smugmug.com/Vacation/Southwest/Southwest-2011-Zion/19133938_sbgz84

A great trip.  Many things we didn’t get to do that were on my list for the next trip:  Antelope Canyon, The Wave, Wawheep Hoodoos, The Subway and many more.  We have to go back!



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