Utah Prep and Improvisation

Things are looking bleaker by the minute for the upcoming trip to Utah.  Thunderstorms and flash-floods are now predicted for everyday of the week we are there.  3 months of planning and I’m frantically re-planning most of the trip with less than 24 hours to our flight.  Our primary goal was hiking and back-country camping in the canyons in Escalante and Zion – but with flash floods happening daily, being in slot canyons is a very bad idea.  And virtually every road we need to take has the caveat of ‘may be impassible after rain’.  Not good.

So I am looking at alternatives, staying in higher country in Bryce and Zion and possibly Capitol Reef National Park.  As always, it’s important to be flexible and fluid.  Perhaps my photography eyes should be set on storm clouds and lighthing over the vast plateau’s of southern Utah rather than canyons.  Regardless, still exited to go – I’m done downloading waypoints into my GPS, Nina is figured out meals and we are headed south ready or not.

Posts and tweets will come as we travel.





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