Paris Street Art

While in Paris I took time to pay attention (and photograph) something I would rarely even notice – street art.Or known by its more common name: graffiti.  Inspired by the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” which I highly recommend – I found  myself intrigued at the idea of maybe seeing some good street art in Paris.  One of the people in the movie called Invader, has a long, well known history of making mosaic tile depictions of characters from the old Space Invaders game and placing them high-up in random places in cities.  He has visited cities all over the world, but Paris is where he got his start.

Well, as it turned out, the neighborhood we were staying in just happened to have a concentration of his work.  I was amazed to spot one, then by the end of we had run across a total of six.  They are hard to notice, only 1 foot square and often high-up on the side of a building.

In addition to Invader, we lot of interesting art, lots of appearing while we were there, and disappearing within a day or two.

No Banskys’s were seen, but certainly some interesting things for sure.







Links to all the photos I took are here:



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