Shipping Office 2010

I’m behind on posting something about the biggest thing happening this last week.  We shipped Office 2010!  More than 3 years of work, pain and fun building a new, amazing version of the most popular piece of software in the world.  We had our ship party a week ago.  A day of craziness with a big party spanning multiple soccer fields and buildings.  Photo below is me spraying champagne on Tyler (held by Arnab) from my team after (as you can see) they got me pretty good.  A great time and relief to finally be done.  The feature my team built (there were many) that is getting the most praise is for Word and PowerPoint.  It’s simple – since people wrote documents or created presentations, only one person could work on them at a time.  You did your part, then had to hand the document off to someone else for their part and on and on and on.  A fun video shows it well.  No longer, problems solved, fixed, done.

Well now on to the next version of Office and a new team and a new challenge…and in a few years another ship party.


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