Some More Windows 7 Articles

With Windows 7, Computing Is Fun Again

Associated Press – October 21, 2009

The debut of Microsoft’s latest operating system on Thursday is part of why buying a computer is starting to feel fun for the first time in several years.

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The People Spoke, and Microsoft Listened

New York Times – October 21, 2009

Consumers were an intrinsic part of the Windows 7 development process, and Microsoft is making it an effective selling point as it launches the new operating system.

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PC Makers Eager for a Boost from Windows 7

Wall Street Journal – October 22, 2009

Consumers have been slow to buy PCs in the recession, but with the launch of Windows 7, PC makers are aiming to reverse that trend-and then some.

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Review: Windows 7 Keeps the Good, Tries to Fix Flaws

New York Times – October 21, 2009

Windows 7 is a different story. It keeps what’s good about Windows Vista, like security, stability, and generous eye candy, and it addresses much of what people disliked.

Early Adopters Find Windows 7 Saves Time, Energy

Computerworld – October 21, 2009

Some early enterprise adopters of Window 7 say they expect it will cut power costs while saving users time by booting up more quickly and managing power use better.

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Amazon’s Bestseller List Dominated by Windows 7

Computerworld – October 21, 2009

Windows 7 has jumped to the top of the software bestseller list at, accounting for three of the top five spots and five of the top 10.

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