The Palouse

I expected to post something about the 2nd day of golf on our Eastern, WA trip, but haven’t had a chance.  I’ve uploaded more photos from the trip here.  I was reminded how beautiful the Palouse terrain was as we winded our way down from Coeur D’ Alene to Pullman.  And, even more as we took the drive out from Pullman to Colfax and then heading West out Rt 26.  The hills were still mostly brown but occasionally lit up by the fresh green buds of winter wheat.  I hated that drive from school to Seattle.  So many times, so long and treacherous in the winter.  But this time I was forcing myself to keep driving despite all the amazing photographic opportunities.  We were running behind schedule after all and I had Dad and Dex who likely would not be excited about turning our 4.5 hour trip into 6 hours with my photography.

For the first time I thought about how much I would enjoy just taking that drive with my camera and capturing the beautiful landscapes of the Palouse.  This shot is from outside Moscow, ID on one quick stop we made.  Rare to see snow and green in the same spot so I had to stop.

The WSU campus was amazing.  I couldn’t keep track of all the new buildings and how modern it felt while still feeling like the same place I graduated from in 1987.  The Cub (Compton Union Building) was incredible.  Completely re-done with a modern feel.  A Starbucks, Borders and several other name-brand eateries were inside.  Lots of places to lounge, fireplaces and even a place to play video games on flat-screen TVs. has been expanded to sort of wrap around Martin stadium and the intramural field there (now with astro-turf).  An emotional time being there.  I wish I could have explored more of the campus.  I re-traced my typical walk from Goldsworthy hall up towards the Cub.  It is a more confined walk now as two new gorgeous buildings fill up the empty space that was once there.  Dexter was amazed and for good reason.  It really felt like it was the best University campus we have walked on in the last year while taking Chelan around to different campuses.  It was truly beautiful. Full of sculptures, great landscaping and beautiful buildings.  Well, mostly beautiful – the Gannon/Goldsworthy dorm areas were definitely the stain on the whole place.

The new course “Palouse Ridge” was a lot of fun.  Although brown because the grass is still dormant (they had snow just a week ago), the layout was a lot of fun.  Big long holes, full of risk and reward and especially enjoyable because it was long and I could take out the big stick on almost every hole.

Dexter had a couple of great moments.  He par’d a 359-yard par 4.  And narrowly missed a 10 foot birdie putt on a 475-yard par 5 after hitting an amazing 3-iron all-carry over a lake guarding the green. 

Fun was had, but we did get worn out by the long ride home.  About 12 hours of driving for Dex and I over the last 3 days.


It was a great trip.  We lucked out with the weather, played two great courses and visited WSU for some great memories.  I definitely will be back again soon.  Now, with a great golf course to attract us, I’m sure Dex and I will try and come back in the fall.



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