Elephants – Day 5

Well, we have finished our final round of golf.  The herd was quieter this morning.  Dried out, lips chapped, muscles sore, hands aching and mentally not strong either.  114 holes of golf on this trip.  Rusty concluded that all future trips should be capped at 100 holes of golf.  We had lots of chatter about the tip we left Matt our fore-caddy for the rounds at Dove Mountain yesterday.  We were given recommendations that the tip should be $20/person and we settled on $25 since he was a pretty good guy.  Then we went through the awkward moment at the end where we could tell he wasn’t happy.  Lots of discussion and angst and we settled a little higher, but with some unsettled feelings about how the course structures the caddy-fees and the greed/over-priced nature of the Ritz Carlton.  OK..enough of that.  We enjoyed a good round at Vistoso this morning with the highlight being my strong finish of birdie-par-par-birdie for a 38 on the back.  Almost an eagle on #18 after I hit the green with a 270 yard shot with a 3-wood putting it 10 feet from the pin (missed the putt).

Scores for our final round at Vistoso:

  • Andy: 82
  • Mark: 88
  • Steve: 90
  • Rusty: 97

Final Birdie Count:

  • Andy: 9
  • Steve: 3
  • Rusty: 1
  • Mark: 1

I was accused of keeping track of birdies only after I had a bunch on the 2nd day.  Not true, don’t listen to the haters – I always planned to track birdies – just a coincidence that I lapped the field with my performance.  Did I mention that I shot a 75 at Tucson national?

Of course, more pictures are posted.  I will endeavor to go through and pic my top photos and post those also in a separate blog entry.  For now they are here:  http://cid-c8d09c1d0afd9b52.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Elephants%20-%20Tucson%2009

My favorite from today:



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