Elephants – Day 1 and 2

The herd is in Tucson.  We played about 16 holes before running out of light yesterday, followed by 18 at our home course of Vistoso this morning.  Not a lot of good golf was played, but the Lizard and Rusty were able to turn it on for portions of their rounds.


  • Andy – 89
  • Mark F – 108
  • Lizard – 83
  • Rusty – 92

Quotes I remember:

  • Inky Black
  • Drover It
  • Pubic trimming
  • Uncircumcised Mexicans
  • Pick it up Steve

Despite cloudy conditions we are all a bit parched and dried out from the sun.  Colder and windier weather are coming up in the next few days which makes us all a little nervous.  Tomorrow is 36 at Tucson National followed on Saturday with 18 at Dove Mountain (the same course the Accenture Match Play tournament was at last week).

Some photos:


2 thoughts on “Elephants – Day 1 and 2

  1. Nice pics. I especially liked the one of the bird. what is that? Steve and Mark — try to keep the beer cans out of the pictures. I hope Russell is feeling better. Beautiful flora and fauna…

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