Living Room to Home Photo Studio Conversion

This year I’ve been commissioned to take Homecoming photos for Chelan and 8 of her friends this Saturday.  They are all coming over to get dressed and prepare, until the limo shows up at the house to whisk them away.  I decided to put a little more effort into the photos than last year and have done a conversion of our living room into pseudo home-studio.  Since the economy is in the crapper and we have no assets, I got creative with the lighting equipment.  Here is what is in the photo:

Right Side:  Tripod, umbrella and 430EX flash (already purchased last year)

Left Side:  48” Shoot-thru umbrella ($21), Umbrella/light swivel holder ($20), Cymbal Stand ($0 – depreciated 20 times over from my rock n roll years), 250-watt worklight ($5 at Home Depot)

Center:  Test model showing 6-pack abs who apparently has a new girlfriend at school but I’ve never seen her

Backdrop:  Existing curtains (need some straightening)

There you have it – a cheap way to build a two-light off-camera lighting setup.  I hope I make Chelan and her friends proud.



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