1TB of Storage

Last week I unglamorously and unceremoniously passed up the 1 Terabyte mark of storage on my home computer.  My hard-drives at full capacity and running out of room to store my photos – let alone back them up – I had to purchase a new external hard drive.  To my surprise there was a 750GB Seagate drive for $129.99.  After quickly hooking that up I realized that I quickly passed up the 1TB limit.  In fact..1.5 terabytes in total.  I think this is an important milestone in any person’s life – not just us geeks.  I remember sometime in the late 80s getting a 40MB hard drive for my computer.  I thought I would never need anymore.  Now, if I just hold the shutter on my camera down for 1 second – I instantly create 65MB of data.  As you can imagine my storage needs have gone up a lot with all the photos I take.

So, when will the average human go over the 1TB mark??  Pretty soon I bet.  With basic consumer point-n-shoot cameras heading towards 10mpx, high-def cameras being the norm and everyone’s music being stored on their computer….most new computers will start coming with close to 1TB of storage.  I noticed that Dell is starting to push 500GB and 1TB external drives for even their low-end PCs.  We live in a modern age.  My guess is that the 1TB mark will go by without much notice.  Just like we never noticed what year ATMs seemed to be everywhere and we stopped going to the bank, or the very last time you pressed the shutter on a film camera, or the last time you wrote a real letter to someone and put it in the mail…

soon amoeba’s will have blogs


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