Spectacle Lake – Dave & Andy’s Excellent Day-Hike

On Sunday Dave Leitch and I did an ambitious day-hike to Spectacle Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.  The total trip was 18.4 miles with about 2k of elevation gain.  The unexpected part of the trip was that the temperature at the trail head was 37deg.  Nice temperature for August!  With light packs and moving fast we were able to get to the lake in 3 hours and 50 minutes.  But..of course we saw the lake, but missed the trail down to it, and ended hiking several hundred feet higher before realizing our mistake (shown by the big spike in the GPS graph).  The highlight of the trip was running into other hikers who were amazed that we were hiking into that lake just as a day-trip.  Made us feel like studs.  Of course, we can’t compare to the crazy, insane Stevens-to-Snoqualmie hike in 34 hours that Mark and Steve did at the same time.  But..at least we have pictures and our sanity.

I took my GPS with us and it logged our progress as we went along.  Here is a graph of our journey:



Unlike my Haleakala trip..I was more astute and did not take a huge heavy pack full of every piece of camera equipment I own.  I packed for speed only taking my camera and one lens..not even a tripod (imagine!).  Lighting wasn’t great but a few good pics were found.  Shots from the trip are up here at my smugmug site.  A few highlights to capture the journey:

Red-Legged Frog (lots of them in small ponds around the lake):


Spectacle Lake



One of the very cool small ponds/swamp areas around the lakes filled with frogs and tadpoles


Amazing Delate Creek Falls


Celebrating the hike



One thought on “Spectacle Lake – Dave & Andy’s Excellent Day-Hike

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