Michigan Wrapping Up

The last two days in Michigan we were greeted with scary weather, beautiful sunshine and huge waves.  We had the best weather on this trip than we’ve ever had.  Warm weather, warm water, a couple of great thunderstorms and no single day that we weren’t active doing something.  I’m back in Chicago heading to Seattle tomorrow.  Heidi and the kids are off to Ohio to see Kate and her family, then off to visit four colleges:  Miami of Ohio, Ohio State, Indiana University and Purdue.  They will be tired when they return on Wednesday.

The Elephants gathered at Tim’s house tonight.  We grilled steak, corn and with lots of wine/beer we watched the spectacular opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  Then I have one last round of golf with them in the morning before putting a close on the vacation and returning to work.

I just uploaded a bunch of new photos on smugmug.  Here are a few recent favorites:


Madison battling the big waves



Storm front w/wall cloud coming in at sunset


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