Elephants come tomorrow

The herd descends on the pacific northwest tomorrow.  Those flatlanders from the concrete jungle of Chicago will enjoy the splendor of the beautiful part of the country.  The smell of pine will be in the air, the breeze will be soothing, the Simonds hospitality will be in full swing along with some of the best golf in the world.  We will play Chambers Bay on Thursday, Bandon Dunes on Friday, Bandon Trails & Pacific Dunes on Saturday.  Logo’d elephant-ware arrived today.  What golf group actually has their own logo, and has it custom embroidered on their golf shirts, wind-shirts, etc?  Do we take ourselves a little too seriously??


Driveway basketball season started

Dexter and I had our first basketball game in the driveway today.  I won 21-17 and 21-14.  I noticed that he is about 3 inches taller this year, he’s getting his hand in my face and starting to block shots.  I am still claiming that his first win against me will not come before 16 (I may be old, but I have game).  Is it wrong for a Dad to never let his son win?  Should I to make sure he has some self-esteem, or continue my dominance so that when he does win it will be that much sweeter and he grows up strong with a competitive spirit?  Discuss.


Chelan has a new haircut for the summer

Isn’t she cuuuuute!!!

I don’t know who the guy on the left is.  He’s been hanging around the house a little too much lately.


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