Update from Mr. Fanning

A quick update from Mr. Fanning on his shoulder (from an e-mail thread today).  My response is at the bottom.  Note:  Sas=Sasquatch=Me


Mon 6/16/2008 2:04 PM


Just a preemptive update on the injury front.. Any outdoorsman worth his salt knows there is nothing more dangerous in all of nature than a wounded elephant (and possibly a tiger with a bad left knee). While there is a broken bone in my left shoulder, why should a minor flesh wound like that keep me down? I wouldn’t be worthy to walk in the shadow of giants in the pachyderm world like Andrew who played 18 after harking up his small intestines or Webbie who has played innumerable times with a broken back. Those stories are legend and I only endeavor to be worthy to join that pantheon of greats.

While I am off shortly to the orthopod, the question will be "How do I.." not "Can I.." Even when I didn’t have complete faith in my recuperative powers, the "zen" of the herd sustained me (elephants just know!). …more to follow after I see the doc later this AM.

Note to Sas: It was not all fun and games on the new (and still undamaged) bike. I was getting the knee ready for the rigors of 54 holes in ~ 30 hours. This is a business trip; I was doing my roadwork!

Note to herd: Ryan’s car was recovered last night by Chicago’s finest, condition unknown. The question on everyone’s mind of course, is the clubs.. They were at home in the closet!!!

Post script: While the powers seem to be garnering their forces against us – WE WILL NOT BE DENIED! Bring on Bandon!


06/16/2008 02:32 PM GMT


Following the orthopod’s exam and recommendations, I said, "Now, I have a critical question.." He cut me off, looked at me suspiciously and said "Golf." "Bingo," I said. His next comments warmed my heart. He said I could start putting today and ease into the wedges tomorrow, and continue on that program thru the end of the week. If I’m not 80% by next Monday, call his assistant, tell her to get me in right away and he’ll give me a shot of cortisone. He saw the grin on my face and returned it. I said, "You play." He said, "Ahhh, yeah."

My Acromion Bone (that’s the A in your "AC joint") is broken, but it could have happened earlier and a tree to the shoulder aggravated it (duh.) A lot of calcification in there from other old assorted injuries as well. He gave me anti-inflamatories and told me to put the vicatin in the bag in case the shoulder starts barking at me in Oregon. I loved this guy. He has the potential to become team doctor to the elephants.

Thanks for all the good thoughts (elephants just know) and it’s on to the Great Northwest.

P.S. t-39; new grips? You are out of control. 

     Whaaa Hooo, Fr.



I am humbled by your determination and heart. You are a man’s man, an elephant’s elephant. In times of great crisis a man’s character is not tested – it is revealed. You are truly an inspiration for us all.


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