Father’s Day Weekend – Lots to Report

A lot of activity this weekend.  Here is the news from the Pacific Northwest:

Elephants arrive in 10 days – but wait!  Man Down! Man Down!

I got urgent calls over the weekend about Father (the Aceman) Fanning and some kind of freak accident.  First I must disclose that Steve left several voice-mails on my phone Saturday that I never noticed until today.  So I’m a day behind in the news.  I have to admit, as several have pointed out, when it comes to my new phone and staying on top of voice mails, text messages, etc…I’m not so good.  Technology confuses me.

Back to the Father.  Apparently he has a new bike to amuse himself during his semi-retirement.  He was riding it, got distracted, hit the front brake instead of the back, did a superman over the front handle bars and ended up in some kind of brush that took him 10 minutes to extract himself from.  He has apparently hurt his shoulder pretty badly.  Determination if it is broke and whether he can play golf when he comes out will be figured out tomorrow.  I haven’t spoken to the Aceman, but I feel it is appropriate for me to make a statement.  This is completely and totally irresponsible and reckless behavior for an Elephant to be engaging in 2 weeks before the herd gathers on hollowed ground.  We all need to be very careful.  A month before a gathering I stop playing any injury-prone sports, I don’t make left turns across two lanes of traffic, I avoid bad parts of town and I certainly would never purchase a new bicycle and try it out right before a golf trip!!  If I got a new bike, it would sit idle in the garage not to be touched until I returned from the trip.  Sheesh!  I expect all elephants to be doing the same! 

I’m worried about Father Aceman.  First he gets a hole-in-one.  Then next week he claims to almost get a 2nd one hitting a draw into a short par 3.  That guy has never hit a draw in his life.  The only ball he has ever moved from right-to-left is between his legs while he scratches himself sitting in the recliner watching other people play golf.  It’s not pretty, I’ve seen it.  Now the bike thing – I’m worried, possibly a very late-life crisis is going on there – perhaps like a survivor of a plane crash, he thinks he is now invincible since hitting that ace. 

In other golf news, we are all amazed by Tiger – I’m going to be having a long lunch tomorrow to get behind a TV and see how this turns out.

Dex and I play Chambers Bay for Father’s Day

Dex and I had nothing short of a ‘perfect’ Father’s Day together.  Like magic, the cold, wet weather has moved out of Seattle, and we found ourselves on the first tee with 73 degree temperatures and not a cloud in the sky.  We had caddies and walked 18 holes with Puget Sound shimmering bright blue as a backdrop to this beautiful course.  Dex put up a 98 from 6,100 yards.  I had a rough start and recovered shooting a 40 on the back to post an 86 from 7,100 yards (including 4 par-4s over 480 yards long).  A great day.


Open-House Party

We hosted a party at the house Saturday that ran all afternoon and into the night to let all of our neighbors and friends stop by and see the place in it’s full glory.  Perfect weather made for a very comfortable evening in the outdoor room.  I was too busy mingling, giving tours of the house and helping my guests dig deep into the new wine cellar, to take pictures, but I managed a few:

Chelan with her BFF Brooke who plays Volleyball with her (one of the few people who can make Chelan look short)

Mark and Wendy enjoying the outdoor room.


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