Bears are here

With a great deal of irony the bears have returned to the neighborhood.  I say irony because last night two things happened.  The first was a conversation between Heidi and I about putting out the garbage the night before it gets picked up.  We always do it the morning, because of the hard lessons we’ve learned with bears getting into our garbage.  But, recently I forgot, leaving us with two weeks of garbage piling up.  So, we said "Well the bears have not been around for a long time so lets go ahead and put it out".  The second piece of irony was Chelan coming into the bedroom after I was in bed, begging me to get my clothes on and do something for her.  I complied begrudgingly, only to find out that what she wanted was for me to walk outside with her as she got a bunch of stuff out of her car.  She didn’t want to be outside by herself in the dark.  This of course is rooted in the past experience of seeing the bear from her bedroom window in the middle of the night – and partially just the normal ‘fear of the dark’ thing that we all have.  I chuckled, because it is always fun to see such great childlike behavior from our kids while they seem to be so grown up.

So for the bear to show up for the first time in long time the very next morning after these two events the night before is very entertaining.  Although I wasn’t very entertained cleaning this up before I went to work today:


I noticed on my drive out of our neighborhood that many other neighbors garbage met with the same fate. 



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