Emergency Room Visit Tonight

The blog seems to be taking on quite an interesting roll in the family.  Heidi has made the comment on numerous occasions that I’ve used the blog as a way to communicate so I can get out of the tedious ‘talking’ thing.  The situation gets worse when one of our parents (the primary and possibly only readers of the blog) bring something up they read that she has never heard before.  Now, I put things up to specifically see how long it takes her to find out (aka, the putter purchase last weekend).  Fun for all.  Dexter asked to me to write a blog entry today about his basketball game – but I wasn’t there.  I refused, stating that the blog is about ‘my experiences’ and if I wasn’t there I couldn’t write about it.  I suggested he start his own blog.  He didn’t understand.  He said I am a better writer, which caused the immediate reflexive action as a parent to talk about doing better at his schoolwork.

So while the doctor was sewing the final stitches into his leg tonight I looked at him and said "Dexter, I think this actually might warrant an entry in the blog".  Big smile.  "It better!"

He was playing with some friends running around the house, stepped up on a brand new rock wall that we just had put in, slipped and gashed his shin on the sharp edge of a rock.  Pretty bloody, deep gash.  We cleaned up the blood and had some gauze pressed against it.  Then, both of us watching, took the gauze off to see just how bad it was.  At the same time we both said "We’re going to the hospital".  He was a trooper.  His first stitches and he’s back home doing fine.

We are still going to play golf tomorrow.

Camera phone shot (sorry know it’s gross):


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