News from the Hill

A snapshot of things going on in the Simonds house.

  • Landscaping at the house began this week.  Each day we are meeting with the landscaper, making modifications and for the most part adding to the scope.  More bark here, add some bushes there.  We now have the sprinkler system extended to the front lawn.  Fascinating stuff.
  • Caught the dog chewing on a dead baby bird tonight.  Her breath has smelled like a dead animal for a week now – I think she has been using this bird as a chew toy for about that long.
  • Chelan’s back is sore still.  Big vball tournament at the University of Washington this weekend.  We’ve agreed with the coach that she should play just one game per match.  Switch from the standard process in which Chelan plays as hard as she can in agonizing pain only to finally let someone know at the very end of the tournament.
  • Dexter and I have decided to stay in town for Memorial Day weekend.  We will play 36 at Hawke’s Prairie in Lacey, WA on Sat.  Then go to Chelan’s tournament on Sunday also stopping by the UW/Stanford baseball game which will be played right next to the volleyball gyms.
  • We are trying to work out Chelan’s schedule this summer.  She is going to Florida with the Webster’s, then has a two day gap before going to Purdue’s volleyball camp.  I’m thinking of meeting her in Chicago for those two days and going to the AVP beach vball tournament on North Avenue Beach.  BTW she also got a letter from Cal-Poly last week. 
  • Heidi has worked every single Saturday since January.  She says it is her own fault she is behind.  She is delusional.
  • Dexter got a new putter this weekend.  He was putting lights out on Sunday, sinking long putts and putting an end to 3-putts.  It was amazing to watch.  Dexter of course told Heidi that he wanted a new putter which created the immediate reaction "no way, we have enough spending going on with this landscaping going in".  I had to pull Dex aside and give him some ‘guy advice’ letting him know that sometimes begging for forgiveness is a much better strategy than asking for permission.  I have a lot of experience in that.

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