Salute to an Elephant Ace

Today is a great day.  Father Fanning has done what every golfer dreams of – he has hit a hole-in-one.  On number 3 of the Village Links, this morning sometime around 7:15 AM, he flushed an easy 7-iron that rolled into the hole.  I wish I could have been there.  Mr Fanning is now complete.  He is a whole person.  He is self actualized in the purest sense.  He is one with the golf Gods.  

As a fellow Aceman, I know that he will wake up one morning, weeks from now, and think to himself: "what it there was a grain of sand on the clubface that would have pushed the ball 4 inches to the right?  What if there was a pitch mark just a few feet in front of the hole that could have caused the ball to just graze the left edge?"  These are the thoughts of an Aceman.  Their are a million little things that can happen, and not happen, in a golf shot that make hitting an Ace so improbable – yet it happened.  Breathe it in my friend.  It was destiny.

And I can only hope that destiny will now shine down on the rest of the Elephants.  I think perhaps the Father has broken some kind of cosmic bulkhead that the rest of the Elephants will walk through.  It is time to fire at those pins my friends.

Great job Mark.



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