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Over the last three weeks I have been waking up with a lot of pain in my middle finger on my left hand.  I can’t move the tip of the finger until I spend 15 minutes stretching and wincing through pain.  An hour later it feels a lot better although stiff.  I’ve been hoping that it would soon dissipate and finally gave up this morning when the pain was incredibly bad and the finger was snapping back and forth in a very erratic fashion as I moved it – sort of only partially under my own control.  So I went to the doctor today and got a recommendation to see a hand surgeon on Thursday.  Hopefully a little cortisone will do the trick, but it is possible that surgery will be needed. Whatever happens I will not allow it to effect elephant golf at Bandon at the end of June.

About 20 years ago I remember coming out of surgery after injecting paint into my finger.  A very unpleasant memory.  I recall the doctor saying something to the effect that:  "everything will be fine, but in 20 years or so you may start experiencing some pain and stiffness that will have to be dealt with at that time".  Thinking about having some issue with my finger in my 40s was as a remote of a concept as having a daughter in high school. 

Now I’m in my 40’s.  Yes, it is the same finger.

– Andy

P.S. Blood pressure at the doctor’s was 126/80. 

P.S.S.  I am still not prepared to go public about the experience I had at the gas station yesterday. 


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