Dexter’s New Zune

So Dexter and I are playing golf in Maui and for the most part, neither one of us was hitting the ball very well. As we got to the 16th hole we encountered a huge 633 yard par 5.  Big, sweeping downhill hole and…they put both Dexter and my tees together.  Meaning that we were going to play the hole straight up – no advantage for Dexter.  I promptly told Dexter:  "Dex, if you beat me on this hole, I will by you a new Zune". 

Now that is not much of a bet, because I don’t get anything if I win, but I thought it would make the hole a little more exciting for Dexter. Here is what happened:

Andy:  Huge drive down the right side, but the hole bends left.  My ball runs out of room and disappears (lateral hazard)

Dex: Biggest drive of the day right down the middle

Andy:  Take a drop and hit an amazing 3-wood.  Perfect.  But, we can’t find the ball.  Turns out I hit it too well and the hole curved to the right before it landed.  Dead – lateral hazard take another drop.

Dex: Hits it down the middle again

Dex: Hits it down the middle again (lying 3)

Andy: Take my drop, hit a perfect wedge, right over the green (mis-read the distance).  Lying 5

Dex: Hits it on the front of the green (lying 4)

Andy: Chip short of the green (lying 6)

Dex: Long putt to the other side of the green (lying 5)

Andy: Chip on (lying 7)

Dex: Putt to a few inches of the hole, tap in for a 7

Andy:  Hole already lost, putt near the hole, tap in for a 9.

Dex:  "I get a new Zune"!!!!



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