Maui – Last Day

Too much activity to keep track of.  Weather has been tenuous with rain and clouds everyday as we have been here during some unusual weather.  New activity at the volcano on the big island spread yucky haze across Maui the first 2 days.  They have been evacuating parts of the big island because of a new explosive steam vent that opened up near the visitor center in an areas that has not been active for a long time.  Yet, despite all the strange weather, we have had plenty of beach and swimming time and all of us have sunburn on some part of our bodies.  Dexter and I got chased off our Wailea Gold golf course because of lightening – not a normal occurrence at Maui.  Today we played 18 on Makena North.  

Today we went on snorkeling cruise.  Swam with turtles, dove on a wreck, all good.  This may be the best ‘photograph’ I took on the whole trip as we went from one snorkeling trip to another:


I am uploading photos to smugmug as I run through them:



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