Andy: 1 | Mouse: 0

A mouse made a fatal mistake by invading my property.  In fact invading my Car!  The horror.  Driving to work on Monday I was startled to see something out of the corner of my eye.  A mouse jumped from the passenger seat, on the the floor and ran around finally disappearing back up behind the glove box.  As this happened I slammed on the breaks, pulled the car over, jumped out and opened the doors.  Grabbed a ice scrapper and shoved it around trying to get the mouse to jump out – but I never saw him again.  Until….the next day on the way to work I saw him again running on the floor and disappearing behind the glove box.  No stopping the car.  I just sighed, shook my head and realized that this mouse had a future date with the ‘WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE’. 

That night I quickly assembled what is unequivocally the most effective and unrivaled worlds best mouse trap.  Directions:


  • 1 bucket (a plastic household trash can will do)
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • 1 pop or beer can
  • Peanut Butter
  • Water


  • Poke two holes near the top of the trash can on opposite sides
  • Remove contents and poke two holes at the top and bottom of the pop can in the center
  • Straighten the coat hanger and run it through one hole in the trash can, through the pop can and then through the second hole in the trash can.  The result will be that the pop can will be suspended over the middle of the trash can and should be able to spin freely.
  • Optional: I usually bend the coat hanger back on both sides towards the middle of the can to make sure the pop can stays in the middle.  Serves as guard rails for the can and also provides a better ramp for the mice
  • Fill the bottom of the trash can with 2 inches of water
  • Smear the pop can with peanut butter
  • Set out where the mice are active, make sure there is an easy way for them to get to the top of the trash can (make a ramp if you need to)

The rest will take care of itself.  The next morning you are sure to have some dead floating mice.  No blood or guts, simply throw them into the bushes.  The trap needs no resetting it will self-sustain itself catching mouse after mouse for many days.  You may need to add more peanut butter after a few days to keep attracting them.

At my old house where we had a huge mouse infestation after some road construction started nearby, the WOM put 24 of them to their death.  After setting it out last night next to my car, sure enough, this morning my stowaway mouse was floating at the bottom.  Problem solved.  Pic:



3 thoughts on “Andy: 1 | Mouse: 0

  1. That\’s pretty good.  I just used  shovel to beat one to death this weekend.  I may have to change my methods.

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