This weekend was the first real weekend we enjoyed our new outdoor room.  Chelan’s entire Volleyball team was here for dinner with their parents on Friday.  Then the girls all slept over.  A dozen 16-year olds.  They hanged out in the outdoor room and then the hot tub all night.  Creating quite a noise for the neighborhood.  Even though it got down to 39 degrees, the raging fire, heat lamps and blankets made it very comfortable.



Speaking of Volleyball.  Chelan is recovering from her back injury very well.  Working out daily, she is getting back into shape.  She should be playing again in a couple of weeks.

The next night we had some friends over for dinner and again with the fire and heat lamps we sipped wine and stayed out most of the night.  Heidi and I were just looking at each other thinking about how much fun it is having a room like this – the summer is going to be great.

This morning Heidi woke up to see me with my camera, tripod, flashes taking a picture of her Lilies.  I asked her if it was scary to see her husband taking pictures of flowers in the morning.  A little gay perhaps, but with my new camera and flashes and lenses and rainy weather – I have to do something to keep myself  occupied.  Pics I took this morning:




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