A few years back I took a personality test that put me in the personality category of INTP.  This is one of the 16-types of personalities as categorized by the Myers Briggs system.  I=Introverted.  N=Intuition. T=Thinking. P=Perceiving.

When I got the results of the test, it wasn’t as if I was on the borderline of any category.  I was fully pegged, 100% I, N, T, P.  No grayness in the results.  When I read the short description of the INTP personality, it was scary how much it resonated.  Recently I went and read a more detailed description of what an INTP is like.  That description is here.  Reading this document is like reading a biography of myself.  Although there are portions that make no sense at all (like INTPs are good at cleaning houses), for the most part it is pretty dead on.  Anyplace you read "The INTP…" just replace the words with "Andy" and it makes complete sense.  I hate being pegged and categorized. But I do like that fact that the INTP personality is the rarest on earth making up only %1 of the population. 

A bunch of quotes from the article that seemed to hit too close to home:

"The INTP has an overriding desire to observe from a detached position, indicating the preference for intuitive perception with respect to external things. This detachment can sometimes be so marked that he will readily see himself as a neutral observer having no personal association with that going on around him (unless forced to become directly involved through an attack on his principles). The INTP enjoys speculating about how a news item (for example) might be received by other people or how a point of view might offend certain types of people and be supported by yet other types; but to have a point of view of his own rarely seems relevant!"
"…as soon as he puts himself behind some task, then he must achieve competency. But that is as far as it goes. Refined competency requires too much effort and has little attraction. It would require practice and that usually bores an INTP. Hence, it is common to see INTPs dabbling at many things, achieving competency, just enough to prove to themselves that they could become more proficient if they wished, but rarely actually bothering to refine their skills further."
"Honesty and directness when explaining these interests are usually displayed. INTPs detest facades and particulary dislike people who exhibit them. If someone attempts to make a sarcastic, mocking comment about an interest of an INTP, the latter will defend himself with a pure, almost naive seriousness, explaining his position with a severe exactness, wielding his words like swords. This almost always disarms the mocker who does not expect such a penetrating defence. The INTPs defence usually also contains a subtle but biting attack thrown back in the mocker’s face, chiefly because the INTP cannot entirely hide the fact that he believes his opponent to be stupid."
"At such a point, the INTP feels the instant drive to provide for clarity. This is his Mission; to be the provider of clarity, and is often suspicious that he is the only person capable of this task. Here, the INTP risks being seen as over-critical, aloof and arrogant. On the whole, however, real arrogance is rare for INTPs for their desire is not to dominate others but simply to observe, analyse and clarify"
"Humour is another aspect which marks out the INTP. He can readily dream up jokes about almost any situation. Taking things out of context is the chief source of humour and many an INTP is a Monty Pythonite. The Ne is the engine and source of this joke-generator. Needless to say, the humour of an INTP can be pretty zany and warped and may not be understood easily by others."
"Photography is a classic interest of the INTP, which depends strongly on the Si – Ne combination, as well as on Ti for attention to technical detail. Landscape photography, for example, is the art of conveying a sense of mood/atmosphere to the viewer (Si)."
"INTPs dislike making the first move and tend to mirror the emotional content of the other person. A jolly person will quickly bring the INTP out of his shell, as much as that is possible, while a serious person will find a serious INTP looking back at him. In this sense, INTPs preference for intuitive perception (rather than action) with respect to people results in them resembling a chameleon."
"INTPs are fascinated by computer technology as well as the Internet which gives him a voice that he would not otherwise have. Many of the most dedicated Computer Freaks are INTPs. Ultimately, INTPs tend to trust machines more than they trust people and may feel particularly at home in the realm of cybernetics."


…but enough about me.


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