Response to disgruntled reader

I received back-channel info that a certain person sometimes known as ‘cdub’ did not enjoy the 2007 Annual Report.  Reportedly saying that she used to read my blog until the big entry that was ”all about Andy" – then she stopped.  I sensed a reaction to the annual report as being a self-indulgent act lacking in any substance or character.  I feel it is always important to educate a teenager any chance I can.  So choosing a line from my favorite movie:

"well then allow me to retort"

Cdub:  The annual report, although on it’s surface may appear to be all about me, it is in fact about you.  It is a piece of artwork, pure and simple.  Maybe not great art, but still art.  It is not about me.  It is about you – the reader.  You look at the report, and you see a creative way to encapsulate one year of a persons life.  Who that person is, is irrelevant.  As you read it, you start thinking about yourself.  What would my stats look like?  What are the highlights of my year?  How many e-mails did I send this year?  How much time did I spend away from home?  What animals were killed to sustain my life?  Whatever the measuring point was, you think about yourself.  That is the goal of the annual report.  It is not about me.  It is all about you.  How you react, how you see the information, how you feel when you see any piece or art is a reflection of you.  Sometimes it is hard for the teenage brain to slow down and reflect…but I urge you to take another look, and let it all sink in.

If your reaction is the same, then that is fine.  I have no issue with a harsh critic.  It is up to the artist to jump into the deep end of the pool and take a risk, while the critics snipe away from the sidelines.  All I can ask is that you try and understand. 

Humbly yours,



One thought on “Response to disgruntled reader

  1. Very nice! thanks for the explanation but i find that i can not relate to any of the things that you were talking about because A. im not old or a man B. i don\’t live around you C. I do not share the common intrests D. Im not you! I will take your advise in to consideration for the next annual reportC-Dub

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