Day 128 – A week in review

It has been a remarkable week.  The carpeting got finished and we moved back into the upstairs.  The best part of that was hooking up the stereo/theater system again.  This must be a male thing – but I love the act of hooking up a stereo.  Every move we made over the years, going to a new place, moving into a strange apartment/condo/house always had a singular highlight.  Pulling the components and speakers out of boxes and hooking them up.  As soon as everything is working and you put on the first CD- you are officially home.  Moved in. 

A close 2nd place is hooking up the computer.  This weekend I moved back into my office.  This is a big deal because I’ve been without an office since ~day 10 of the addition.  I have an amazing office.  Vaulted ceiling, new track lighting and a great view.  Check it out:

We also moved the washer and dryer into the new laundry room this weekend.  It is now operational.  Huge, also with a great view.  Check it out:

Now of course, I was banned from moving anything bigger than a CPU this weekend.  The ruptured disk is having an unfortunate effect on my lifestyle.  At work this week it seemed like 25% of my brain was constantly focused on not sitting or standing for too long of a stretch.  Making sure that I did not twist in strange ways and just trying to avoid being in too much pain.  At home at the end of the day I mostly laid down and just rested.  This weekend I supervised as Heidi and others actually moved things and I sat on the sidelines.


I’ve neglected to mention the hot-tub.   It became operational on Tuesday.  With all the amazing clear/cold weather we have enjoyed several nights out looking at the stars and enjoying the warmth. It has been timely with my back issues, although a bit anti-climatic as a hot-tub is great for a sore back, but really has minimal impact on a ruptured disk – but it still feels great.

Have you looked at ‘the room’ recently.  It is still amazing. 


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