Day 125 – Paint, New Carpet, Cleaning, Lights, Ruptured Disk

Today…we started to reclaim the house.  The carpet upstairs is in and the last of the electrical has been done.  I have amazing lights in my office, it is a sight to be seen.  The carpeting upstairs was finished yesterday.  Today, we had a cleaning company come in and clean the new addition and 1st floor which was covered head-to-toe in dust and other construction-related grime.
Painters made a lot of progress on the outside of the house suprisingly getting the entire back and south side of the house painted.  Unusual dry weather is treating us well.  The front may be a while because it gets no sun this time of year and the painters don’t think it should be painted until it is a little warmer outside.
I hurt my back very badly last week.  Today found out it is a ruptured disk.  So now we can move everything back into the house – and I can’t lift anything.  Sucks.

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