Random stuff

There is declining interest in reporting on the progress of the addition.  Mostly because progress is not interesting anymore – just being done.  Everything is ‘almost’ done.  This weekend perhaps I will be able to use the hot tub, grill on my grill, heat the outdoor room with the radiant heaters and build a fire in the fireplace.  Wouldn’t that be something???  I can only hope.  I go to Boston Wed-Frid and possibly all that is done when I come back. 
My commute was 1 hour, 45 minutes this morning.  I made the fatal mistake of taking a side road (156th) up to campus.  It was grid-locked with the lemming-like, west-coast retard drivers.  After 45 minutes, I finally was able to make my way to a street that would take me exactly 2 blocks over to one of the streets that run parallel to 156th (there are 4 of them at least) and had wide open road all the way to campus.  Strange, I was the only person that figured that out.  Why? Because I am not a lemming – and I am not retard Seattle driver.  I will now just refer to them as ‘Seatards’.  They are ridiculous.  The things I saw on my commute were incredible.  Luckly I did not have a rifle or there would have been a few head shots taken.
Gus talked me into getting a new furnace along with the A/C he is hooking me up with.  I am hemoraging money.  But it is all going into the house, so it is an investment right?  That makes me feel better, but it is hard to look at the cash exiting in my bank account like an out-of-control avalanche.
If you want to see something funny watch this, this, this then this.

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