Day 116

Well, it is a slow burn with the home addition.  Incremental things happening every day.  Mostly painting and tweaking of things.  I laid down the rubber/cork floor in the exercise room this weekend.  Lugging the extremely heavy rolls into the room destroyed my back, so I spent the rest of the weekend just recovering.  The doors all have hardware on them now.  So now the shop/wine cellar have a lock and I moved my wine into the cellar for the first time.  Looks amazing, but it is about 8% full.  Send wine.
The electrician comes this week – the hotub will be hooked up finally!  My grill was also put in this weekend, but a bunch of extra trim work needs to be done to make it fit well into the cabinet.  So another week likely before I can grill.  I also hope to christen the outdoor fireplace this weekend.  We are close to being done (although a lot of exterior painting is still pending weather conditions).

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