New Year

A good new years.  A fun party at the Plowman’s next door.  We played ‘match the New Years resolution to the person’ with resolutions we wrote last year.  I forgot what mine was, but it turned out to give people a chuckle.  Here it is:  “Go down to Wal-Mart, get on the microphone and get some things off my chest”.  Have to wait until next year to hear the one I wrote this year.

Not sure if I did well in the blind wine tasting contest.  Heidi and I left early to take Dexter down to Seattle to watch the Space Needle fireworks display.  The fireworks were incredibly short and lame.  But I got a few shots:

More shots here.

I watched Pittsburg vs Buffalo in HDTV playing an outdoor hockey game this morning.  It was snowing in the 3rd period and the game went to an OT shoot-out.  Best NHL game I’ve watched in a long time.  Crosby for the Penguins is quite a player.



One thought on “New Year

  1. Happy New Year!  Gorgeous pic, as usual.  I heard the space needle fireworks had some software problem (hope it wasn\’t running Windows) and they had to set them off manually; might account for the lame display. 

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