Merry Christmas

Christmas has arrived for us.  It was a near thing too.  We have been living out of a suitcase for 5 days as the new wood floors were sanded, stained, sealed, delivered just in time for us to move back in this morning.  Our temporary homes:

  • Wed – Plowman’s (thanks so much for having us)
  • Thurs – Andy, Dexter, Chelan @ the Deweirdt’s cabin (awesome), Heidi at a hotel near her work (not so awesome)
  • Frid/Saturday – Andy Dexter, Chelan in Chelan (a mini Christmas with my family and perfect snow to put us in the mood)
  • Sunday – All of us at Heidi’s parents

Milly has been very confused by all of this up-rooting but is settling back in.  We worked quickly today to clean, put some furniture back in it’s place and decorate the tree all while work continued on in the house (painting and trim) even on Christmas Eve.  Sonja and Noah are here and the traditions are all in-tact.  The new floors look incredible.  It feels like Christmas all of a sudden and we are all happy to be back home.  This reminds me that with all of the craziness with trying to remodel the house, we have no Christmas card this year.  Just too busy – but we have enjoyed all of the ones we have received and expect to send out an invitation to everyone to see the new place soon. 

Merry Christmas,

Andy, Heidi, Chelan, Dexter & Milly


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