Day 90

3 months.  Our contractor had said about 3 months to do the job.  We are almost done, but it will likely be mid January when we finally are the only constant occupants in the house.  No pics. If I had them they would be boring shots of tile in the bathroom and laundry room (not grouted yet) or shots of paint drying.  We have moved out of the 1st floor completely and we are soon to go nomadic for a few days.  Another new purchase the other day.  A new dishwasher.  We were going to have to pull the dishwasher when the floors were done.  It seemed silly to put the same, busted, have to wash a load three times to get it clean, constant pain in the ass dishwasher back in the same place. 

On a side note, with all the electrical done in the house, the mappings between the labels and the circuit breakers seem to have changed.  I figured this out when I snipped the electrical line connecting the dishwasher.  Loud pop – sparks everywhere.  Thank god for rubber handled wire cutters.

Kids are all off school and I am taking the rest of the week off to deal with the house and handling the kids.  Heidi’s work is super busy right up until the end so she gets to keep working.

MS stock is over 35 this morning…nice.



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