Day 80

80 days.  Seems like some kind of milestone worth writing about.  We really are on the final stretch – very lucky that things have gone so fast and so relatively smooth – yet really ready to have our house back.  The addition has gone on with very little interruption of our daily life.  Only the occasional surprise to find a team of ethnic laborers wondering around my kitchen at 7 AM as I stumble in blurry eyed looking for orange juice to start my morning.  Now, in the final stretch, the most disruption is happening.  The last two weeks the drywallers were in full swing and we had major parts of the house tented off.  Still, dust got everywhere.  Yesterday the tents finally came down and we could somewhat reclaim the upstairs TV room and the family room.  But only for a short while.  We spent the weekend moving all of the furniture out of the family room and living/dinning room in preparation for the new wood floors.  Then Heidi went to work pulling up all the carpet, padding and 100s of carpet nails out of the floor.  Since the new wood floors are not really part of the ‘deal’ with the addition (just something we always wanted to do and if not now – when?), Heidi saw another opportunity to do something herself and elected to have us remove the carpeting and do the prep for the installation.  So we saved a little money theoretically.  At most a rounding error on the whole cost of the addition, but that type of logic is not well spent on Heidi when she is in the throws of hard labor.  She pretty much did it all, I just loaded big chunks of carpet on my shoulder and ran them out to the huge blue dumpster out in the street. 


My neighbors should be happy to know that the big blue dumpster will leave tomorrow.  The front of the house is starting to look pretty normal.

The wood floors will start getting installed next Wed, and then the following week we will have to move out of the house as they do the sanding and staining.  By the time we move back in right before Christmas, I believe the interior painting should be done, door/window trim and possibly some fixtures installed.  We should be closer to being done.  But, we are definitely feeling the stress of all of this.  As the disruptions get bigger, as you would expect, the other parts of life are getting busier also.  Chelan’s volleyball is getting in full swing with practices & parent meetings. Dexter basketball season is also in full swing with 2 practices and a game every week.  It is the Christmas season of course and that comes with all the typical anxiety that goes with that.  Holiday parties are starting up.  One this weekend two more in the coming week.  Overall a tough time to try and wrap up a home addition.  Well, Jan 15 is the target date and after that we will have a lot of fun enjoying this now massive new house….until the spring when the landscaping work will start – we expect to do all of that ourselves – maybe.


PS:  The siding guys took my ladder.  I think they might be showing up tomorrow morning to do the last little bit of siding work left on the chimney. Will have to have a chat with them.


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