Day of Snow

It will be difficult to continue to tell the guys back in Chicago about the temperate climate here in the Pacific Northwest and keep a straight face.  Steve and Christine visiting this weekend for Chelan’s 16th birthday party were greeted with cold and snow.  What should have been a small amount of snow according the forecasters, ended up topping out a 6 1/2 inches at our house.  Steve-the-lizard was just shaking his head as we tried to keep him warm.

The party was a huge success.  Chelan was amazed with the surprise visit of Christine then the surprise visit of Sonja from New York.   The party consisted of 3 hours of 16 year olds dancing in a tight grouping.  Like a large organism grinding and moving in ways that would have created a 911 call if that type of dancing was going on when I was 16.




"You have got to be kidding me – I thought we could play golf out here!!"



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