Day 70 – the big mo continues

There hasn’t been a break in activity.  In fact I think since the beginning of the project we have had one weekday without work and work going on most weekends.  Stuff happening now:

  • drywall is going in and should be finished today.  They were creating a dust curtain in our family room when I got up this morning.
  • Siding is about wrapped up.  They are working in the outdoor room and putting the ceiling up also.
  • Hearth with wood storage and mantle were finished yesterday, tiling of the fireplace starts tomorrow.
  • Cabinet in the outdoor room went in yesterday – very nice!
  • Hot tub showed up yesterday.  Too much work going on to have it filled with water and hooked up.  So it will sit for a while before it is operational.
  • Wood floors are expected to go in around 12/15.  That will be the most disruptive part of all of this – we will have to move out for a short time when the finish them.

When it is all finished it won’t really look like an addition.  Everything integrates into the rest of the house so well that it just looks like the house was always this way.

Chelan’s big 16th birthday is tomorrow.  Not shortage of activity around here. 




Cool barrel ceiling in the wine cellar



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