Day 59 – Tile & Stairs

Big weekend.  We finally have the tile inset on the deck installed and stairs!  Milly’s pain of not being able to go in the backyard is over – she is liberated.  Lots of electrical got installed, but siding and windows did not happen this last week.  Windows are planned for Wed.  The house is still slightly less airtight than an old tent.  Average temp is 64 degrees.  We are cold, but it should end soon.

The tile inset is one of those things we were not sure how it would come out.  Tile on a deck?  Strange, but we saw pictures and thought it would be a very cool thing to do.  It is in now and it is perfect.  We just walk out on the deck every 30 minutes and say "look at the tile!" in giddy childlike voices.  This will be the best deck in the history of decks.


Stairs finally in:


John our contractor working on a bench on the deck:


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