Day 52

Lots of little things have happened, but no big news.  The trex is finally in on the deck and all the interior framing is done.  Next week will be big with electrical, siding, fireplace, tile on the deck and windows.

Wind has kicked up the last few nights and it is blowing through the house like we are living in a tent.  Lots of exposed studs with no insulation throughout the house and the cold air is just flowing in effortlessly.  Tonight is supposed to be particularly windy with gusts up to 60mph.  Can’t wait for those windows to get installed.

Gutter guards.  Heidi decided to get a quote on leaf guards for the gutters.  We got a quote from some outfit for $9,100.  Yes, that much.  They were quick to point out how much they did beyond their competitors and that their amazing price was going to go up in a week.  Just crazy.  The guy that put our gutters up on the addition gave us a quote for $2,100.  Still a lot.  I can clean the gutters myself for a while before I decide to spend that much.

Heidi was feeling frustrated that we weren’t doing more ourselves with this renovation.  So, I found myself spending the weekend putting in a wood floor in Chelan’s room.  During the process Chelan informed me that she was no longer going to use that room and move in to the bonus room – so she did not care about the new floors.  (I must always remember that she is a teenager and not throw sharp objects at her).  Pic of the floor in progress.



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