Day 43 – PM Gas Attack

Heidi always jokes that whenever I go out of town is when something happens.  Power goes out, car has trouble, some big issue always comes up.  Friday Chelan and I were heading over to the tri cities for the night to watch her boyfriend to run in the State x-country tournament (she agreed to spend the next morning taking photos with me for the ride to Pasco).  Back to the ‘something happening’.

Friday the framers broke through the wall to connect the addition to the house.  Lots of great progress.

Well while packing to leave all hell broke out.  4 PSE trucks showed up like a SWAT team assaulting a drug shop.  The supervisor showed up saying the gas line ‘must’ be moved immediately and wondering if we had a permit for anything we were doing.  Now, we have had many PSE people who have inspected what is going on and we have been communicating with them to arrange the gas line to be moved.  But, this supervisor decided it had to be done right away – Friday at 5 PM.  Yes we gave them a hard time.  But that doesn’t matter because they don’t have to actually give real customer service.  We had no time to arrange a plumber to come out and re-connect the gas (PSE doesn’t do that), so we had to go without heat until the next day.  Of course I was leaving and Heidi was going to have to spend the evening in a cold house.  But also a cold house that has just had two walls taken down.  AND – the house is not completely secure.  We had a new back door in with no lock and no windows installed yet.  Someone could just walk right in the place. 

But, I left anyway and Heidi had a cold, sleepless night that of course was interrupted at 3 AM by the neighborhood bear coming into the backyard and making a bunch of noise.  She survived and the house is now secure and has the heat back on. 


My former office – now partially a hallway to the new addition.


Roofers shingling the roof.


Roofing really ties the house into the new addition.  Looks like it was always there.  Note new backdoor put in at the far right side of the new deck.  House is starting to look very big.


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