Day 40 – Momentum

Today our contractor subscribed the job as having great momentum.  Meaning – that some projects things just happen – stuff shows up early, things get done in perfect order, everything clicks.  Some projects that doesn’t happen.  Ours is going well.  Doors showed up two weeks early, gas lines have been put in for the fireplace and grill, roof is going on the main addition, concrete for the floor of the shop gets poured tomorrow, plumbing all picked out by Heidi yesterday, plumber shows up Monday, they punch through the wall into the house end of this week, windows got all settled and picked out today,  rest of the trex decking will go on over the weekend, hotub shows up on the 28th of Nov, roofer will be here next week to put the shingles on….

I may be leaving things out, but this is all action that has been happening or being coordinated over the last few days.  Thankfully, Heidi and I are quick decision makers.  We still have to pick out lighting and flooring.  Pics..

Trusses put up today for the s. addition roof:



Trex decking. 



2 thoughts on “Day 40 – Momentum

  1. Thank you Tali (my only blog reader that knows how to add comments).  I could have added that the stock is up over 37 also – not a bad thing when you are building an addition. 

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