Day 37 – Trex

It is fall.  Weather is cooling – ice on my car in the morning – fall is ending.  I should be a poet.  We go to the annual fern Halloween party tonight.  Heidi and I are going as a Monk and a Nun (I’m the munk).  I think a pimp and a ho might be a better choice – next year perhaps.  A fall picture to enjoy:


It was nice to actually see the work in the daylight.  Our experience during the week is leaving before the sun comes up and getting back just as it sets to get a glimpse of the progress.  Trex installation started today.  By far the most expensive part of the addition.  The space in front of the fireplace will be a special type of slate tile that is made to go on decks.


Also, the forms and rebar were laid in the shop floor to prepare for concrete being poured:


And finally – a full view from the backyard with good weather. 


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