Day 33 – Let the Sun Shine In

The 1st Rainier Pic taken from the new deck!  It is sunny out – would have been a great day to sit out in the outdoor room and sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set.  But – too much sawdust and nails right now.

Lots of tweaking went on today by the framers.  Finishing work on the outdoor room roof….

Fireplace is taking shape….

BTW- we are biting the bullet and doing a built-in grill/cabinet.  We were trying to save money and just keep using the grill we have – but our contractor convinced us how lame the amazing deck and outdoor room would be without a built-in grill.  We had a built-in cabinet going in to the right of the fireplace but it was just going to be a counter-top and storage.  But now it will have a built-in grill in the middle.  Just more money flowing like water – I picked one up today at Lowes on the way home from work.

First pic taken from the main floor of the south addition looking towards the outdoor room.

South addition floor (shop is underneath).


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