Day 26 – Huge Progress

It’s now at the point where we leave before the workers start and get back from work after they leave.  I got home today just with a few minutes of daylight left so I could see the progress.  The days are getting too short. 

But today – spirits were high.  After a few weeks of slow progress and big problems.  Today was huge.

We were gone over the weekend but they got the forms for the foundation in on Saturday  Today they poured concrete.  While that was going on, the trusses for the outdoor room roof got installed, the fireplace has mostly been framed in and the walkway to the stairs and doorway got installed.   The window in our bathroom was removed and re-framed to accommodate the new roof.   One note on the fireplace.  The mantle was at least 7 feet high – it had to be re-done.  Today, they lowered it by a foot and it looks great.  Just a great day.



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