Day 20 – Part II BP #4

Well the day didn’t go on too long before a real big problem emerged.  This not the problem this morning which seemed to get resolved pretty quickly.  This is bigger.  The roof design for the outdoor room won’t work.  The large beam that supports the roof down the center peak is supposed to connect into the house.  But no one saw that the upper floor of the house actually cateleavers out a few feet where it connects.  Meaning that there is no support for the beam.  So, start from scratch – the roof is being changed to be a truss design.  Will take 10 days to build the trusses so work is quickly going to grind to a hault.  Luckly this all happened on Heidi’s day off.  So she spent all day talking to the framer, contractor, architect and figuring out what to do.  I just came home and heard how it all turned out. 
The pipes were successfully driven for the foundation so at least some progress was made today on something.

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