Day 16

It will be a quiet weekend as the framer does not work weekends – at least not this weekend.  A little clean up work this morning and we met with the contractor to make some decisions on doors, windows & hardware.  It looks like it won’t be a problem to cantaleaver the deck out 2 more feet to the south to meet the location where the new door has to be.  So problem solved without having to re-do any peirs.
One thing I think we are comitted to is to re-do all of the wood floors inside the house.  Extend them down the hallway of the new addition and pull up the carpeting in the living and dinning room and put wood there.  Sand-down all the existing wood and stain dark.  This means we will likely have to move out for a few days when this happens near the end of this project.  All Heidi’s idea.  It’s all about keeping Heidi happy.

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