Day 15 – Deck Framing Begins

A rainless day and the framers went to town working on the deck.  This would have been a great day and I was certainly really excited to get home from work and see the progress.  But the excitement soon subsided when Heidi noticed that the end of the deck did not match up to where it needed to line up on the house for the new door to go in.  Essentially the deck was 2 feet short – or as we figured out, the house is 2 feet longer than the original plans showed.  So we have a…..

Big Problem

I will call this Big Problem #2 and try to keep track of them as we go. 

  • BP #1: Bad soil under the foundation
  • BP #2: House is 2 feet longer than expected – have to re-do part of the deck

So, we will meet with the contractor in the morning and see if we can figure out what to do.  The best bet will be that we now will have real wide stairs going down the deck which will actually look kind of nice.  We will see.



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